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If your BMW has a full BMW service history and has done less than 50,000 miles, then we at Soper would like to buy it. Please call us on 01522 690000 and ask to speak to Roy Tan for a valuation.


Highly regarded in the UK, the BMW Approved Used Car programme is one of the best. Combining the prestige, performance and reassurance associated with a new BMW, at Soper of Lincoln we offer a wide choice of BMW cars in a range of models, specifications and years, each one benefiting from 12 months unlimited mileage Warranty, minimum of 12 months MOT cover, 12 months BMW Emergency Service cover and independent vehicle mileage and history checks.

Thanks to our extensive stock of cars, which you can view by selecting your Series of choice from the links to the left, we are sure to find you your ideal BMW locally including Dunston, Waddington and Dunham. To find out more, please contact the Soper of Lincoln Used Car Sales department on 01522 690000.

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