Soper Accident Aftercare


Soper Accident Aftercare



The Soper Accident Aftercare is there to help when you have those unexpected accidents. The information below will give you an indication on the services. For any more information please call the team on 01522 690000.

When you call our Accident Aftercare number, our accident management supplier will determine whether you qualify for our non-fault service by accessing the circumstances of the accident and whether there is an identifiable insured fault party responsible for the accident. If you do not qualify for our non-fault service, we may still be able to assist you (see paragraph 5).

Our Non-Fault Service

If you qualify for our non-fault service:

· The make and model of the replacement vehicle will depend on the make, model, age and value of your own vehicle;

· If your vehicle is deemed to be beyond economic repair, we will supply you with a replacement vehicle until seven days after receipt of a cheque for the agreed pre-accident value of your vehicle;

· If your own motor insurer pays for repairs to your own vehicle and you have to pay a policy excess, we will seek to recover this amount from the at fault party’s insurer on your behalf together with any ‘uninsured losses’ such as loss of earnings, loss in value of your vehicle, etc. We will need to present the at fault party’s insurer with appropriate evidence of any such losses

If you do not qualify for our Non-Fault Service·

You must have your vehicle repaired at the Soper BMW Approved repair centre.

· The driver of your vehicle must have been legally entitled to drive the vehicle at the time of the accident

· A temporary replacement vehicle will be supplied to you by the approved repair centre subject to availability

· You must provide proof of comprehensive insurance for the replacement for the duration of the loan

Your vehicle will only be recovered by Soper BMW Approved repair centre if it is legally undriveable following the accident. Management of your claim will be subject to you giving any consents required by parties (for example, your own insurer) before they discuss your claim with us. Our accident management supplier will process your personal data in order to provide the services to you.