BMW Advanced Car Eye


BMW Advanced Car Eye


The BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0 is a highly quality full HD wide-angle camera that allows critical driving situations to be recorded as well as detailed videos taken from the car's perspective.

The Advanced Car Eye 2.0 is used both whilst you are driving to document trip data and also for up to 24 hours in parking mode to record video evidence of damage or theft. Light sensitive sensors ensure excellent recording quality both during the day and at night.

This device uses a proximity sensor and a vibration sensor for the early detection of incidents. The smart system also evaluates ambient movements so that it distinguishes everyday movements from unusual ones and only starts video recording if an action has been classed as relevant. The BMW Advanced Car Eye can be used universally in almost all BMW models*.


Keeps a close eye on critical situations: The full-HD wide-angle camera automatically records critical driving situations that may be relevant for evidence purposes. The detailed video is also saved automatically, enabling the BMW Advanced Car Eye to act as a reliable eyewitness.

Enhanced safety: The simultaneous rear view, achieved by recording the rear-view perspective of the car, allows a much more effective assessment of the driving situation, and therefore enhanced safety.

On the start screen, the BMW split screen is displayed, allowing the simultaneous viewing of the front camera and the rear-view camera at a single glance.

Various sensors on the light-sensitive camera, as well as the excellent signal processing, mean that the camera is capable of recording excellent-quality images during the day and at night, giving you excellent vision in the dark.

The highly sensitive GPS receiver allows the road and the speed being travelled at, to be recorded accurately.

Parking mode: A video is automatically recorded when the car has been parked and vibrations or relevant movements or impacts are detected in the video image. An LED light indicates that recording is taking place. This means that the car is being monitored even when the driver isn't around, this can be used for up to 24 hours.

The facts at a glance: The recorded videos are saved to a special SD card (32 GB) in various folders making searching for events very simple.

Smartphone app: This camera works in conjunction with a smartphone app, available to download for free for both Apple and Android devices.

The BMW Advanced Car Eye £475. Includes fitting for front and rear camera.

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