As a car retailer we are aware of our contribution to the environment and this is reflected in our Soper Going Green Scheme.

Over the past few years, we have taken the time and effort to focus on improvements that we as a whole and individually can do to make sure we are keeping green.

In 2016 we began our journey to go green with the introduction of BMS. Building management system (BMS) is a smart system for intelligent control. It helps control: heating vents, the air-conditioning system, lighting, gas heating, workshop compressors and the hot water systems.

In 2016 we used 733,618.80 KWH of energy. This was reduced in 2017 to 625,362.30 KWH, again we reduced our energy usage so that in 2018 we used 412,711.30 KWH. Solar panels installed on the roof insures we use a lot of the energy that we produce.

Since switching to solar panels, we as a business have saved 100,283.3 kg of CO2 emissions. This means we have saved 4,950 trees.

2018 also saw that Soper saved 61,247.01 kg of CO2 emissions. Saving 313 trees.

Keeping with the saving trees theme. 2019 saw the introduction of M-Store. A paperless online database to reduce the use of paper within the business. We are currently saving 670 trees worth by doing so.

We also improved the amount of water we use to wash customers cars. We introduced recycled water into our wash bay. 700,000 litres of water are now recycled every year.

In the future we are hoping to continue improvements within the scheme. We are looking into the search engine Ecosia; which is a company that will plant a tree with every 45 searches.

For every new member of staff that joins the Soper Team from next year onward we hope to be donating a tree through National Forest on their behalf.

Not only for newly enrolled but every month we hope to be choosing a staff member to donate a tree of their choice.

We here at Soper BMW invite you to go green with us. Dedicate a tree Search through Ecosia.

Soper Going Green
Wed 24 November 2021 16.56